THAI KINAREE, Snail Serum Thai Kinaree 4 x 15 ml.

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  •  Serum
  •  4 x 15 ml
  •  200 gram
  •  Thailand
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The anti-aging serum soothes deep and expression lines that tend to appear on areas of the face that include muscles that mimic facial movements such as a smile and a frown. The product relaxes the skin and is odorless.

Thai Kinaree Snail Serum contains snail mucin, which contributes to a rejuvenating effect for a younger appearance and stimulates skin renewal. Snail mucus has exceptional cosmetic properties that help restore skin smoothness and elasticity. Its main component, allantoin, produced by the snail’s body, stimulates cell regeneration and regeneration. At the same time, the glycolic acid found in snail mucus has a natural exfoliating effect, exfoliating the upper layers of the skin. In addition to its healing and regenerating properties, Helix aspersa serves as a natural antibiotic against bacteria present on the skin. Snail mucus reduces blemishes, wrinkles and expression lines.

Snail mucin. This ingredient is an advanced biotech, 100% herbal active ingredient with unmatched anti-aging benefits. Made from real snail slime, it is gaining immense popularity all over the world for its amazing properties:

  • helps to improve skin elasticity;
  • helps in the renewal and formation of new skin cells;
  • helps the skin retain moisture;
  • non-irritating and suitable even for the most sensitive skin types;
  • helps nourish, regenerate the skin, improving its elasticity, cell metabolism and the ability to retain moisture;
  • helps protect the skin from acne, bacteria, fungi and viral infections;
  • protects against the signs of aging.

Method of application: Apply a small amount to clean skin. Rub in gently with massage movements.