ANNABELLA, Angel Aqua Expert Hydrated Facial Mask 10

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Brand name ANNABELLA™
Name product Masks
Volume / Weight 10 x 30 gram
Shipping Weight 450 gram
Quantity 10 sheets
Сountry Thailand

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Annabella Angel Aqua Expert Hydrated Facial Mask
The anti-aging tissue facial mask contains a high-quality extract of deep-sea brown algae. The mask has an excellent anti-aging effect. A huge amount of active nutrients contained in seaweed, almost revive the skin. Useful components of the mask penetrate deep into skin cells, actively stimulate the cell renewal process, normalize metabolism and normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands, eliminate oily sheen and matte the skin. A large amount of collagen contained in seaweed tightens and strengthens the skin, gives it firmness and elasticity. Quickly smoothes fine wrinkles, prevents the appearance of new ones. Actively contributes to the production of your own collagen. A seaweed mask is an excellent remedy for problematic skin. Quickly heals various inflammations on the face, eliminates black spots and acne. It evens out the surface and skin tone, eliminates pigmentation, and helps smooth keloid scars. Very useful after aggressive cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries.
A face mask with spirulina saturates the skin cells with a large amount of necessary nutrients and vitamins, helps to boost immunity, actively protects the skin from the harmful effects of the environment.
The use of the mask is very useful for young people experiencing inconvenience associated with age-related changes.
Mode of application:
Before applying the mask, the skin must be thoroughly cleaned. Apply the mask to the face, gently smooth it until it snug, leave it on for 15 – 20 minutes. Take off the mask carefully. After completing the procedure, rinse off the gel with warm water.
It can be used up to 3 times. To do this, put the mask back in the bag and store in the refrigerator.