BANIA, Black Pearl Hydrogel Eye Patch 60 pcs.

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Brand name BANIA™
Name product Patches
Volume / Weight 90 gram
Shipping Weight 200 gram
Сountry Korea

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Hydrogel patches are masks in the form of slices with medical impregnation for the skin under the eyes with fast as well as accumulative effects against wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes from the South Korean manufacturer SWLD Skin World.
Black pearl hydrogel patches contain panthenol, vitamins, colloidal gold, collagen, fruit acids, ginseng extract, aloe vera juice, essential and vegetable oils to strengthen, improve the elasticity of the skin around the eyes.
The active ingredients in the composition improve the regeneration of the skin under the eyes, restore the balance of the necessary nutrients, accelerate the natural processes of rejuvenation, eliminate the “crow’s feet”. Relieve irritation, relieve swelling, dark circles under the eyes. Nourish delicate skin with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, collagen.
Impact on the periorbital region can be compared with the lifting effect of Botox. It is enough to attach the mask patches under the eyes for 15 – 20 minutes and the active substances instantly penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, correct the transmission of nerve impulses. Wrinkles are smoothed, bags under the eyes noticeably tightened and reduced. The concentration of nutrients and effectiveness in improving the condition of the skin around the eyes, hydrogel patches can be compared with anti-aging serums, anti-aging express masks with a lifting effect.
Composition: Black pearl powder, panthenol, vitamins, colloidal gold, collagen, fruit acids, ginseng extract, aloe vera juice, essential and vegetable oils.
Black pearl, highly valued not only in jewelry, but also in cosmetology, has a powerful lifting action, copes well with pigment spots, darkening, swelling, signs of fatigue, deeply moisturizes, strengthens the delicate area around the eyes, improves tone, soothes irritations. Regular use of slices with such an ingredient not only prevents the appearance of age-related changes, dryness, redness and tightness, but also solves existing problems, gradually making the skin, therefore, and the eyes, more and more expressive, alluring, shining!
Mode of application:
Carefully remove the patches from the jar of a special spatula and apply on the area around the eyes, leave for 20 minutes, after removing the patches, lightly rub the serum residues into the skin.
The jar contains 60 patches and is equipped with a special spoon that helps to extract the contents without any problems.