BE-FIT, Anti-cellulite lotion Herbal Skin Firming Lotion 120 gr.

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Brand name BE-FIT™
Name product Lotions
Volume / Weight 120 gram
Shipping Weight 200 gram
Сountry Thailand

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The lotion helps to simulate the shape, fights cellulite, reduces orange peel on problem areas. Easily absorbed into the skin, does not leave a sticky feeling. Improves blood circulation and lymph flow. Stimulates the metabolism in the skin, nourishes it with beneficial vitamins. Contains natural extracts of herbs and plants: green tea extract, black pepper extract, chili pepper extract, caffeine, carnitine, and various natural oils that help fight for a slim body. Carefully, burning lotion. We recommend to perform a test first on a small area of skin. During use, it is advisable to use gloves so that your hands do not burn too much The effect of the use of lotion is noticeable after a week.
Ingredients: Black pepper, chili pepper, green tea with a formula for weight loss.
How to use: after taking a shower, you must apply lotion on clean, dry skin in problem areas. It is not recommended to take more often 2 times a week.