ISME, Pueraria Firming Breast Gel 100 ml.

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Isme Pueraria Firming Breast Gel Tensing Breast

A light non-greasy cream with pueraria increases the tone of the muscles supporting the chest, helps to increase the elasticity of the mammary glands and the elasticity of the skin. Stretch marks become less noticeable, the shape of the breast and the appearance of the skin improves markedly.

The composition of this cream is an effective combination of plant extracts. The basis of Thai cream for breast enhancement is amazing in its action Pueraria Mirifika. She is called the female “young apple”. The effect of Pueraria is similar to the action of natural female hormones: it maintains the skin’s moisture balance, improves the elasticity of muscles and skin, as well as the elasticity of the mammary glands. Other active ingredients are hydrolyzed elastin and collagen, which help maintain the hydrobalance of delicate breast skin, protect the breast from dryness and peeling, plus natural extracts of Hamamelis, Spiny Needles, Horsetail Extract and Caffeine, Aloe Juice.

Method of application: rubbing the gel into the skin from the base of the breast towards the nipples and the upper area of the breast with light fingertips, as if lifting the breast. After breast massage, do not rinse off the gel.

Apply daily for best results twice a day – morning and evening.



Cream for breast tightening with an extract of female plant-derived phytoestrogen is not recommended for use in mastopathy and tightness in the chest, as well as during pregnancy and lactation.