Siam Snake Farm, Sur Ying Egg Protein Soap

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  •  Siam Snake Farm™
  •  Soap
  •  2 x 30 gram
  •  120 gram
  •  Thailand
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Siam Snake Farm Siam Snake Farm


Soap obtained from python egg white extract – promotes skin rejuvenation. The main ingredient in the soap is the protein of the python eggs and collagen obtained from snake eggs, as well as various herbs. This is a very popular cosmetic product, originally decorated in the form of 2 eggs.

Soap with extract of python eggs helps to normalize and improve the composition of the skin, removes excess fat and does not dry out the skin. It is an excellent facial cleanser and makeup remover that effectively removes dead cells, relieves irritation and improves the appearance and color of the skin. After washing with snake soap, the effect of deep hydration of the skin of the face, freshness and nourishment remains.

Promotes skin rejuvenation.