JINDA, Herbal Treatment Oil (Blue pack) 400 ml.

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Among the entire range of medicinal products manufactured by the renowned Thai company Jinda, the treatment mask for hair loss Jinda Herbal Treatment Oil blue pack, 400 ml in blue packaging is especially notable. A balanced natural composition and carefully selected ingredients help to get rid of the danger of baldness for a long time, and also contribute to the high-quality restoration of damaged, overdried ringlets.

The main properties of the therapeutic mask for hair Jinda:

enhances the active growth of curls;
reduces the amount of hair falling out;
serves for the effective prevention of baldness;
relieves seborrhea and itching of the scalp;
treats damaged and split ends;
gives the hair a pleasant shine and gentle radiance;
facilitates the styling process;
protects curls from environmental influences and the harm of high temperatures;
struggles with the main problems of weak hair;
removes toxins and free radicals;
suitable for sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions.


Avocado oil extract – has excellent healing and rejuvenating abilities, envelops each hair with a protective film, guaranteeing optimal nutrition and hydration of the strands, and prevents burnout under sunlight.

Adhesive Litsea leaves (baimisota) – contain a record number of trace elements and valuable nutrients for hair, guarantee the rapid restoration of curls and their healthy growth, relieve the first signs of gray hair, help to forget about baldness, give strands flexibility and elasticity.

Natural jojoba oil – contains a high concentration of vitamins and other valuable ingredients, prevents hair from drying out too much while using a hair dryer, and ensures obedience and softness of curls.

Keratin – gives the hair the desired smoothness and silkiness, heals damaged areas of curls.

Ginseng extract – destroys any bacteria and viruses on the hair, perfectly heals scratches and wounds on the skin, has an antioxidant effect, penetrates deep into cells, causing hair to grow twice as fast.

Mode of application:

A Jinda restorative blue hair mask with jojoba oil, avocado and keratin is applied to the root zone immediately after washing the hair, to achieve maximum results, it is recommended to massage the skin on the head for several minutes so that natural nutrients penetrate the cells faster, ensuring the healing of all hair. After this, the mask should be thoroughly washed off the scalp and hair.