BANNA, Hair Serum with Olive oil-based 60 ml.

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Brand name BANNA™
Name product Serum
Volume / Weight 60 ml
Shipping Weight 100 gram
Сountry Thailand

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Hair serum with the addition of natural olive oil and Anchan flower extract is a special restoration of dry hair damaged after dyeing and perm. Serum helps in the fight against free radicals, well moisturizes, fills hair with strength and health. The serum increases blood circulation, promotes better nourishment to the hair, improves the supply of hair follicles with oxygen, stimulates hair growth and enhances natural hair color. Deeply nourishes and restores hair from root to tip. It gives hair a natural shine, restoring it from the inside, making hair more manageable. It is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy film.
Olive oil, Anchan flower extract.
Method of application:
Apply serum to clean damp hair. Spread 2-3 drops of serum over the entire length of the hair, paying attention to the tips. Do not flush. Then dry with a hairdryer o4.60r let dry naturally.