ABHAIBHUBEJHR, Healing cream with Centella extract 10 gr.

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Centella Asiatic Extract is historically used by the peoples of Asia as a folk remedy for the rapid healing of wounds and cuts. In folk medicine in Asia, the leaves of Centella Asiatica were pounded into mush and applied to open wounds and cuts. Currently, modern Asian medicine produces cream wounds for wounds on the extract of the plant, obtained without the use of chemical and synthetic technologies. In China, Centella is called the “fountain of youth” and this is not just a beautiful name. This plant is really able to help your skin find a second youth. Thanks to madeacaside in combination with vitamin C, the skin begins to actively produce collagen, which is responsible for the elasticity of the skin. If you do not trust Indian Ayurveda, then believe modern scientists – they proved that when Centella affects the skin, it noticeably tightens, the elasticity of the epidermis rises and toxins are eliminated.
Extract of Centella Asiatica relieves swelling, restores veins and capillaries, has the ability to regenerate and heal tissues, promotes the production of collagen, has a strong anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Therefore, the cream with centella is considered one of the most effective in Asia for healing wounds, burns and any skin damage.
7% extract of Centella Asiatica. The herb Centella Asiatic contains 0.1% essential oil, rich in pinene, myrcene and other mono-issquiterpenoids; steroid compounds (kepesterin, β-sitosterol, stigmasterol); triterpene saponins (Asiaticosides, Madecassosides, Asian and Madecassic acids, R1-barrigenol derivatives), polyacetylene compounds, flavonoids: Rutin, Kempferol, Quercetin, etc., alkaloids, tannins.
Indications for use:
Acne scars on the face, cuts, fresh scars including postoperative, light sunburn.
Mode of application:
Cream with Centella should be applied with a thin layer 1-2 times a day on the damaged area of skin, or on the postoperative scar, or on the area with pigmentation or stretch marks.