PATEX, Two-level orthopedic pillow with a massage effect

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Latex products have a number of advantages over other materials. These latex products are used longer than products with feathers and down. Products made of latex are distinguished by antibacterial and orthopedic properties. Many allergy sufferers will sleep better, and your neck and back will no longer hurt in the morning. Thanks to special openings in pillows and latex mattresses, air circulation is maintained. In addition, latex is an environmentally friendly product and is not toxic.

In order to distinguish natural from artificial latex, you need to shed some water on it. Latex, extracted in a natural way, will repel water, and artificial, on the contrary, absorb, because in the process of its production one of the varieties of foam rubber is used, which perfectly absorbs water. In addition, natural latex is slippery to the touch, and artificial latex is more rigid and often has a yellowish tint.

Two-level orthopedic pillow made from 100% latex with a massage effect. The positive effect enhances the wavy surface of the latex, which gently massages and relaxes the muscles during sleep, improves blood circulation in the scalp. Also provide anatomically correct position of the neck and shoulders during sleep.

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