GENIVE, Tonic for strengthening and growth of hair with red ginseng 90 ml.

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  •  GENIVE™
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It stimulates the growth of healthy, strong and thick hair, prevents their loss. It nourishes, moisturizes and heals the scalp. Eliminates and prevents dandruff. It has excellent antioxidant and antiseptic properties. It soothes the skin, prevents the appearance of fungal infections, eliminates various inflammations and irritations on the skin.

Ginseng is a unique plant, the chemical composition of which still amazes scientists! The most valuable tool of oriental medicine, called the “root of life”, “pulls” all the useful substances out of the ground, making it unsuitable for growing any crops for several years! Ginseng is extremely useful for hair and scalp, as its main properties include the stimulation of blood circulation, the fight against bacteria and free radicals, the “acceleration” of metabolic processes, the active restoration of damaged structures.

Tonic based on ginseng is a great option for anyone who wants to stop hair loss, give impetus to growth, increase density, get rid of itching and dandruff, inflammation of the scalp, make strands strong, beautiful and shiny! With regular use, the product after 14 days will please you with a noticeable result: comfort and freshness instead of excessive fat and unaesthetic “snow”, elastic, lively and well-groomed curls that have become longer, but not depleted, as well as “undercoat” from new hair!

Ingredients: aloe vera, chamomile oil, anageline, extract of white sweet lupine, ginseng extract.

Method of application: before applying, wash and slightly dry the hair, then apply a few drops of serum and massage it into the scalp. After application, the product does not require washing. Recommended for daily hair care.