BABY BRIGHT, Spray essence for hair with Argan oil 65 ml.

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Brand name BABY BRIGHT™
Name product Essence
Volume / Weight 65 ml
Shipping Weight 125 gram
Сountry Korea

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The indelible spray conditioner for hair from BABY BRIGHT™ is designed for dull, weakened, lifeless and brittle hair. And also for hair that has undergone chemical perm, clarification, dyeing, daily styling, exposure to sea water or the sun. Essence is perfect for application to the scalp, length and tips, as it effectively fights dandruff, loss and itching, dullness, a tendency to entanglement, prevents the section, reduces puffing of strands, including high humidity, neutralizes UV rays and free radicals.
Argan oil is rich in vitamins and microelements that create a protective film around the hair, thereby preventing the evaporation of moisture and accelerate the regeneration of damage.
Hydrolyzed wheat protein contains a large amount of amino acids that nourish our hair, improving their structure over the entire length, moisturize and create a protective (breathable) film on the surface of the hair.
Silk, or silk proteins and peptides are absorbed into the hair shaft, thereby making it more dense and smooth. As a result: the curls look shiny, soft and silky.
Keratin helps to restore the hair structure, penetrates deep inside and eliminates all kinds of damage, betraying the hair healthy and well-groomed appearance.
Ubiquinone is an anti-aging, anti-oxidant with anti-aging properties. Regenerates, tones and cleanses.
Spray essence properties:
protects against negative environmental effects;
reduces the formation of split ends;
nourishes hair follicles;
protects hair during styling;
Controls the fat content of hairs.
Mode of application:
Spray on clean, damp hair. Do not flush! With regular use, the hair becomes noticeably livelier, acquires shine and silkiness. Spray is recommended to use, going out in the sun and when laying a hot hair dryer or tongs.
Consumption is very economical. When used, it leaves a delicate scent on the hair, giving it a well-groomed and healthy look.