DARAWADEE, Snail & Ginseng Flower 30 ml.

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Darawadee Snail & Ginseng Flower

Darawadee Snail Eyes Gel Snail Gel for nourishing and softening the skin. The cream is rich in snail protein-mucin, which fights the signs of premature skin aging, strengthening and tightening the skin under the eyes. Enriched with antioxidants, destroys the chain of free radicals that adversely affect the condition of the skin. The gel refreshes the face, gives clarity to the look and a rested appearance. Smoothes wrinkles and moisturizes the skin. Recommended for all skin types. Hypoallergenic.

Snail slime is a valuable cosmetic component, popular even among Hollywood stars. Being hypoallergenic, it suits different types of skin, deeply nourishes, moisturizes, accelerates wound healing and relieves inflammation, thanks to its unique chemical composition it smoothes wrinkles and makes the face tone even and fresh.

Snail mucus forms a thin film on the surface, which protects against external factors and water evaporation, but does not disturb breathing and metabolic processes.

The antioxidants in the gel neutralize the effect of free radicals – one of the causes of aging, activate the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the body.

The gel has a very light formula, it is instantly absorbed, giving freshness and comfort, relieves stress and fatigue from the eyes.

How to use: Apply to clean, dry skin, use in the morning and evening.