BANNA, Shampoo and hair conditioner set of 2 pcs. on 360 ml.

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Brand name BANNA™
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BANNA Shampoo and hair conditioner set

Specially designed for rough and damaged skin. Thai company BANNA shampoos restore the bulbs by strengthening them with a protective film in combination with fatty acids, it prevents dehydration and softens the surface of the hair. Moisturizes hair and scalp, makes hair shiny and shiny. Quickly penetrates the hair structure for restoration and restructuring. Effective against hair loss, irritation of the scalp, and also eliminates dandruff.
Shampoo and Conditioner “Aloe Vera”
The whole world knows the beneficial healing properties of Aloe Vera. And thanks to the achievements of civilization, we can use these valuable properties in daily care, including in hair care.
The structure of the hair is based on protein, better known to all of us as keratin. Natural Aloe Vera has a similar composition, thereby saturating the hair with useful and vital protein and restoring it, which contributes to the overall strengthening of the hair.
Aloe Vera shampoo is recommended for weak, dry, split and colored brittle hair.
With regular use of Aloe Vera shampoo, hair becomes soft and manageable, scalp becomes healthy, which promotes rapid hair growth.
Natural Aloe Vera shampoo cleanses the scalp from impurities, soothes and moisturizes the scalp, restores and protects hair from harmful effects, facilitates combing and styling. Prevents hair loss and split ends. Also soothes irritation and itching, relieves dandruff. Suitable for all types of hair, especially for dry and damaged hair.
Shampoo and Conditioner “Banana”
Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner with an extra-soft formula designed to care for dry, lifeless and tired hair. Means very pleasant smell, make hair soft and shiny. The problem of “straw” hard hair will be solved in a matter of time.
Shampoo and conditioner gently take care of thin and porous hair, restoring structure, filling up the lack of keratin and moisturizing the scalp and hair shaft. Shampoo and conditioner in the complex gives vitality to the hair, smoothes, prevents the increased electrification and fluffiness of the hair. Curls will become smooth and shiny like silk.
Shampoo and Conditioner “Blue Tea”
Shampoo and conditioner recommended for tired, thin and brittle hair, which are strongly split. Well suited for curly curls that have a porous structure and are strongly furrowed. Aligns the keratin layer and protects against loss due to the extract of Clitoria (moth peas), which strengthens the hair roots.
Clitoria extract (Blue tea, Anchan or as it is also called Butterfly Peas) contains a powerful antioxidant, blue proanthocyanidin and a large amount of flavonoids. It possesses strong tonic properties, nourishes and strengthens the hair roots, contributes to their rapid recovery and protection from external conditions.
Earlier inactive hair bulbs are activated, the influx of nutrients into the hair increases. Clitoria extract has a beneficial effect on the scalp and hair roots, strengthening them and stimulating growth, prevents hair loss and the appearance of gray hair. In addition, Clitoria extract is very rich in calcium, which strengthens the hair structure itself, is also focused on preventing excessive dryness, contributing to brittle hair, so one of its main functional purposes is full moisturizing.
Shampoo + conditioner has a positive effect on the scalp, normalizing its fat content. Excessive fat content does not allow hair to eat normally, dryness interferes with hair growth and forms dandruff. Free-breathing healthy skin helps hair grow quickly and stay soft. The tips of the hair are not split, keeping the natural shape.
Shampoo and conditioner “Bergamot”
A set of shampoo + conditioner with bergamot is recommended to prevent hair loss. Scientific studies have shown that Bergamot extract increases the activity of antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase and collagen in the skin, and also stimulates hair growth.
Useful properties of shampoo and conditioner:
deeply cleanses hair and scalp;
makes hair soft, strong and thick;
restores disturbed natural balance;
has antimicrobial properties, preventing the growth of bacteria;
helps to cure infections of the scalp (seborrhea and inflammation of the scalp);
prevents itching;
activates the process of regeneration of root cells;
improves blood circulation in the scalp;
stimulates hair growth and reduces hair loss;
strengthens hair from the inside and gives a healthy shine;
Shampoo and Conditioner “Black Sesame Seeds”.
Designed for dark hair.
Sesame Oil “black gold” is a very nourishing and healing hair product. Sesame seed oil is widely used to enhance hair growth and heal the scalp. The oil is enriched with vitamin E, a complex of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and keratin, which by
Shampoo and Conditioner “Coconut”
Coconut shampoo + coconut conditioner for lovers of the delicate aroma of coconut. Enriched with natural ingredients and antioxidant, which are necessary for healthy hair. The presence of pure coconut oil in the composition helps to restore hair, give it shine and protects against external environmental influences.
Intensive moisturizing and restoration will help to make your hair lively, shiny and beautiful. Due to the natural coconut oil in the composition, the structure of the hair is sealed and creates a protective layer from the harmful effects of the environment, while maintaining the moisture balance of protecting it from draining.
Moisturizing shampoo to restore the structure of damaged hair. Contains 100% coconut oil for the regeneration and nutrition of dry damaged hair, moisturizing them and facilitating styling and combing.
Shampoo and Conditioner “Jasmine”
Organic shampoo + conditioner contains a complex of natural extracts, penetrates deep into the hair structure and strengthens it from the inside, stimulates the growth of new hair and improves their overall condition. It gently cleanses hair and scalp from impurities, while providing an excellent conditioning, toning and moisturizing effect. Shampoo and conditioner gently cleanse the hair, making styling easier and giving volume to the hairstyle. The active ingredients of products care for hair, protecting it from ultraviolet radiation. Restores the vitality of the hair, preventing color leaching and protecting the hair from destruction.
Jasmine extract, gently cleanse your hair without disturbing the water-alkaline balance, and also give the hair an enchanting scent of this wonderful flower. Helps relieve irritation and get rid of dandruff.
With regular use of shampoo hair becomes silky and docile, get well-groomed healthy look and shine. Suitable for all hair types.
Shampoo and conditioner “Lilawadi”.
Natural shampoo and conditioner with the amazing aroma of Thai white flower Frangipani (Lilavadi) for effective restoration of dry and damaged hair will give vitality and strength to hair.
Frangipani oil contains more than 37 useful ingredients that:
restore damaged hair;
provide antioxidant action;
make hair silky;
preserve and restore the natural level of moisture from the roots to the tips;
provide the hair with a gorgeous natural shine;
instantly penetrate deep into the hair that provides a long-lasting moisturizing effect;
soothes itching and soothes scalp irritation;
Also, the enchanting natural fragrance of frangipani flowers soothes, relieves fatigue, depression and stress. Suitable for all hair types.
Shampoo and Conditioner “Mango”
Mango extract is a source of vitamins and fatty acids, helping to improve the condition of the hair, and return them strength and health. It has been scientifically proven that the use of shampoo and conditioner with mango extract can increase hair density and elasticity by 50%.
The composition of mango oil includes unsaturated fatty acids, a number of vitamins (A, E, D, C, group B) and trace elements (Fe, K, Ca, Mg), as well as plant sterols, which improve the state of cell membranes.
Shampoo is designed to care for dry, lifeless hair that requires moisturizing and moisturizing. Natural vitamins of shampoo and conditioner will help restore lost beauty and strength of hair. Thanks to regular use of shampoo, hair becomes smooth and shiny, easy to style and not greasy.
Mango oil smoothes, moisturizes and restores hair, making it healthy, docile and shiny.
Shampoo and Conditioner “Mangosteen”
The shampoo and conditioner includes natural mangosteen oil. In Asia, mangosteen is called a natural antiseptic because it contains a huge amount of antioxidants and xanones that prevent irritation and rash on the scalp, stopping the formation of seborrhea and dandruff.
A set of shampoo + conditioner Banna Mangosteen will suit owners of dry and normal hair. Means well moisturize and strengthen the hair along the entire length, nourishing with vitamins and minerals. Natural fruit acid shampoo and conditioner gently and gently restore damaged hair scales, making the hair smooth and smooth.
Shampoo + conditioner with mangosteen will give strength to hair, protecting it from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and from heat treatments of hair: curling, straightening, styling. Means will make your hair light and shiny.
Shampoo and Conditioner “Noni”
The uniqueness and value of noni lies in the fact that its beneficial components affect the body at the level of cellular DNA, renewing and stimulating cell division, as well as restoring intercellular metabolism, at times increasing their viability and immunity.
Morinda (noni) improves the ability of cells to absorb, as a result, the body absorbs more vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients. In Noni, an incredible amount of natural antioxidants, the main purpose of which is to prevent the premature aging of cells.
Shampoo and conditioner with Noni restores tired hair, protecting it from the negative effects as a result of coloring, heat-drying, chemical styling.
Due to the presence of carotene and calcium in the Noni extract:
strengthens the hair shaft
hair loss decreases
the tips stop cutting
Xeronine in Noni:
relieves inflammation and irritation of the scalp
strengthens hair follicles
stimulates the growth of new hairs
Noni Banna shampoo and conditioner is suitable for all hair types. Through the use of products with noni, the hair becomes soft and thick, gaining healthy shine and vitality.
Shampoo and Conditioner “Orchid”
Orchid extract smoothes the hair, giving it a natural shine and silkiness. It has a balanced PH level and also protects against UV radiation. Provides strengthening of the hair structure along their entire length and soothes itching, protects against aggressive environment and reliably protects against color loss.
Orchid extract intensively nourishes the hair over the entire length and fills it with shine, while restoring the balance of moisture. Actively restores damaged areas of hair and gives your hair a delicate aroma of orchids. Suitable for all hair types.
Thanks to the regular use of the Thai Orchid kit, the curls will become soft and shiny, striking in their density and healthy appearance.
Shampoo and Conditioner “Olive and Wild Rice”
Olive oil in combination with wild rice oil in a set of Banna Olive Oil & Homnin Rice restores shine and vitality to tired and brittle hair, prone to loss.
Fatty acids of useful oils nourish and strengthen the hair, saturate the hair follicles with useful trace elements and vitamins, activating blood circulation and increasing the access of oxygen to the cells. Thus, double care with shampoo and conditioner restores the pH balance of the scalp and prevents the development of alopecia (hair loss).
Regular use of products will make hair strong and thick. Wild rice extract contains a unique gamma-aminobutyric acid, which prevents natural cell aging and protects the hair from premature aging.
Shampoo and Conditioner “Pineapple”
Designed for brittle hair.
On the basis of natural natural fruit components, enhances the cellular immunity of the hair and relieves curls from fragility.
Banna Pineapple Shampoo & Conditioner Pineapple Hair Care Set has a very pleasant tropical aroma and is suitable for any type of hair. Contains fruit acids and vitamins, gently and gently cleanses the hair. Restores tired and dried hair. Means will protect hair from fading and premature aging.
The active ingredients protect against ultraviolet radiation and the damaging effects of bleach. A caring set nourishes the scalp, relieving irritation and inflammation, protecting against the development of seborrhea and the formation of dandruff.
Chemical composition: Water, sodium lauryl ether, sulfate, cocamidopropyl, betain, coco-glucoside & glyceryl oleate, cocamide, diethanolamidesuds, extracts.
Mode of application:
Shampoo: Apply shampoo to wet hair. Massage gently rub it into the roots of the hair, then rinse with water.
Conditioner: Apply conditioner to wet hair after shampooing. Light massage movements distribute it in the hair roots. Leave on for 3-5 minutes. Then rinse with water.