BIORE, Pore Pack 10 pcs. Deep Cleansing Pore Strips instantly unclog pores by removing dirt, oil & blackheads

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  •  BIORE™
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  •  70 gram
  •  Japan
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Easy to use strips of stickers for quick disposal of black spots and enlarged pores! The strips have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, regenerating effect, penetrating into the deep layers of the skin the substances contained in this plant, accelerate the process of getting rid of acne and acne, soothe irritations, preventing relapse.


Chemical composition: Water, glycerin, witch hazel virginia extract, silica, polyquaternium-37, polysilicone-13, PEG-12 dimethicone, stearyl glycyrrhetinate, butylene glycol, methyl paraben.

Glycerin – gently moisturizes and softens the skin of the face, making it supple and smooth. Filling microcracks and pores with moisture, glycerin reliably protects the top layer of skin, preventing microbes and environmental dirt from penetrating inside. Thanks to glycerin, the effect of using nasal strips from black spots lasts much longer.

Witch hazel extract Virginia – has anti-inflammatory, wound-healing effect, helps to significantly reduce the oily skin. Softens the upper layer of the skin and contributes to the rapid tightening of the pores after removing the black spots. The essential oils and tannins in the composition of witch hazel virginia have antibacterial properties and prevent the appearance of rashes on the skin.

Silicon dioxide is an effective sorbent, has matting properties and helps to remove the oily shine from the skin. Actively removes dead cells from the skin, promoting its rapid renewal, smooths out irregularities and removes wrinkles on the face. It is an effective, sparing substance, does not harm health.

Properties of nasal strips:

  • intensively cleanse the skin of the face;
  • effectively remove black dots;
  • free pores from accumulated fatty secretions and dirt;
  • make the skin smooth and pleasant to the touch;
  • have an antibacterial effect on the skin;
  • leave a feeling of purity and freshness;
  • with regular use helps to narrow pores.

Mode of application:

Peel the skin of makeup and sebum with the help of cosmetics. Lightly moisten the problem areas with water and carefully stick the strip to the nose, the result of your work will depend on it. Leave for 10-15 minutes. Carefully remove the strip.
For best results, you can pre-steam the face over the steam bath.