BANNA, Peel Off Facial Mask with Collagen 120 ml.

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Brand name BANNA™
Name product Masks
Volume / Weight 120 ml
Shipping Weight 170 gram
Сountry Thailand

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The mask film is designed for deep cleansing of the skin. The mask helps to completely clean the pores of pollution, narrows them, evens the skin’s relief. Thanks to collagen, the mask smoothes the skin and improves its tone. The result of regular use of the mask is smooth, healthy, glowing skin without acne and blackheads!
The main components of a cleansing collagen mask film:
Bamboo charcoal extract – known as the “black diamond” for its amazing regenerating features, it has a powerful moisturizing and tightening effect on the skin, removes allergic reactions from the face and fights with oily sheen. Perfectly simulates facial contours, tightening sagging skin and smoothing out wrinkles, kills bacteria and tightens pores, activating cell repair.
Natural ginseng root – is often included in age-specific cosmetics, as it has been valued for centuries in Asia for its rejuvenating and tonic properties. It perfectly improves the complexion, leveling the tone and helping to get rid of pigmentation, relieves swelling, stimulates healthy blood microcirculation, and also normalizes the water-salt balance in the cells and triggers the internal mechanisms of rapid skin regeneration.
Snail mucus extract is a unique, unparalleled natural remedy containing amino acids, a complex of vitamins, natural elastin and collagen, as well as valuable allantoin. Perfectly moisturizes, improves the overall structure of the skin, has an instant rejuvenating effect, eliminates irritations on the skin and activates the regeneration processes in the cells. Since ancient times, used in Asia in various cosmetics to preserve the beauty of the skin.
Natural collagen – combats the first signs of aging, promptly tones the skin of the face, eliminating swelling and unwanted dark spots, evens the overall skin texture, removes roughness and unevenness, gives the face a radiant smoothness and amazing velvety. Supports the inner frame of the skin, enhancing the elasticity of tissues, has a rejuvenating effect.
Glycerin – draws moisture directly from the surrounding air, penetrating deep into the cells and providing them with reliable hydration. Eliminates dry skin, smoothes and heals the face, helping to cope with pimples and black dots, fills micro cracks in the skin, thereby enhancing its protective barrier functions
Individual intolerance of ingredients.
Mode of application:
Apply the mask to cleansed skin, avoiding the area around the eyes, for 10-20 minutes. Then carefully remove the film from the bottom up and wash with warm water.