NAMU Life, Cleansing

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  •  NAMU®
  •  Serum
  • 151 ml
  • 250 gram
  •  Thailand
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NAMU LIFE SNAILWHITE CLEANSING all-in-one snail secretion filtrate cleanser for make-up and impurities specially formulated with latest QUICK-CLEANSING TECHNOLOGY (OIL-FREE). The product can quickly, yet gently cleanse your face without the need to be followed by any cleansing foam. During each use, the cleanser works to restore your skin for the effect of noticeable brightening, youthful and healthy-looking complexion.

With our latest Quick-Cleansing Technology that combines Make-up Remover with Cleanser, which significantly helps to minimize clog pores and simultaneously protects your skin from future damage of acnes and fine lines. The cleanser can be easily washed off with water without the need of any cleansing foam. It is also proven to be extremely gentle even to the most delicate skin.


Simply massage NAMU LIFE SNAILWHITE CLEANSING all over your face. This cleanser will do miracle to cleanse your facial skin thoroughly and quickly. The snail secretion filtrate will help to restore your skin for the result of a naturally smooth, brightening, and youthful–looking complexion. It can be easily washed off with water, and can be used daily both in the morning and at night.


All-in-one cleanser for make-up and impurities

“Instantly purified after just one wash”