BELOV, Moods Snail Green Tea Care Cream 50 gr.

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  •  BELOV™
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Modern anti-aging snail face cream Moods Snail Green Tea Care Cream made in South Korea. Snail secretion has high regenerative properties and effectively restores skin cells.

The mucus filtrate acts on human skin in a similar way: it renews, restores, gives elasticity and strength, maintains the necessary level of hydration, and relieves skin inflammations. The snail mucus filtrate has a unique ability to visually smooth wrinkles, even the smallest ones, only appearing to fill them from the inside , and soften the lines of skin creases.

The cream stimulates skin lightening processes and prevents the appearance of pigmentation in the future.

Natural snail mucin – it is extracted in a safe and natural way from snail mucus, contains powerful antioxidants, a unique set of vitamins, minerals, as well as special substances that can penetrate deeply into human skin and ensure its rapid rejuvenation. It quickly heals damage to the skin, removes free radicals and smoothes the skin texture, as well as snail mucus eliminates stretch marks after pregnancy and reliably protects the skin from infections, bacteria and various viruses.

Method of application: Gently apply the cream on clean skin of the face and neck. Gently rub in circular massage movements until completely absorbed. It is recommended to use twice a day in the morning and in the evening.