THAI KINAREE, Hyaluronic Serum Thai Kinaree 4 x 15 ml.

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  •  Serum
  •  4 x 15 ml
  •  200 gram
  •  Thailand
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Thai Kinaree Hyaluronic Acid Serum boasts a rich composition, a high concentration of active ingredients, and their harmonious combination. Economical and lightweight, the product is suitable for any type of skin, it is quickly absorbed, completely eliminating dryness, tightness and discomfort, does not roll under makeup, improves the penetration of the components of the next stage of care into the deep layers, helping to get brighter and more lasting results from familiar products. Regular use of hyaluronic acid serum helps to smooth complexion, skin firm and radiant.

Hyaluronic acid is a moisturizer, one molecule of which binds 500 water molecules. Water is necessary for all metabolic processes, even a tiny deficit at the level of the body leads to fatigue, irritability, health problems and, of course, deterioration of the skin, which is expressed in a whole “bouquet” of unpleasant surprises. The substance is produced by the body on its own, however, from about 25 years of age its amount decreases, and therefore with age it is necessary to provide “replenishment”. Thai Kinaree Hyaluronic Acid Serum contains a good concentration of hyaluronic acid, which is the main secret of its magical effectiveness. To consolidate the effect and provide care in all directions, allantoin, extracts of wheat, licorice and witch hazel, peptides, collagen are added to the composition, allowing you to fight free radicals, acne, redness, inflammation and irritation, tighten the contours of the face oval, increase elasticity and firmness.

How to use: Apply to clean, slightly damp skin in the morning and evening. Once absorbed, you can proceed to the next step of care.