5 STAR, Herbal Toothpaste 30 gr.

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Brand name 5 STAR™
Name product Toothpaste
Volume / Weight 30 gram
Shipping Weight 55 gram
Сountry Thailand

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5STAR4A Herbal Toothpaste Organic Toothpaste from Thailand is one of the best oral care products. The paste is made from plant extracts with powerful whitening, cleansing and bactericidal properties and does not contain artificial preservatives and hazardous compounds. The concentrated 5Star4A herbal toothpaste in a round jar is very economical and is suitable for regular use.
Useful properties:
noticeably reduces the sensitivity of enamel;
provides safe teeth whitening;
eliminates bad breathing;
fights dark spots on enamel from coffee, cigarettes and other dyes;
monitors the cleanliness of the oral cavity;
tones and refreshes;
destroys pathogenic bacteria in the mouth;
prevents caries and tartar from developing;
stops bleeding of gums;
protects against infectious diseases;
guarantees a 3 times brighter smile;
has a pleasant characteristic taste and smell;
heals the mucous membrane, helps with frequent stomatitis.
Composition and useful components:
Herbal extract paste – contains many vitamins, natural antioxidants and minerals, supplies cells with nutrients, has a healing and strengthening effect on gums and teeth.
Borneol – helps to quickly cleanse teeth of dirt and food debris, kills bacteria and viruses, prevents the appearance of caries and other diseases in the mouth, quickly heals wounds and soothes sore gums.
Menthol is an unsurpassed refreshing remedy, eliminates any unpleasant odor and helps to quickly restore gums, reduces symptoms of toothache, and reduces sensitivity.
Method of application: A little bit of toothpaste (the size of a pea) should be applied to the toothbrush and thoroughly brushed, apply 2 times a day. After use, close the lid tightly. Do not combine with other toothpastes and oral fresheners.