BELOV, Kihaku Tomato White & Clear Day & Night Facial Cream SPF30 20 ml.

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  •  BELOV™
  •  Cream
  •  20 ml
  •  70 gram
  •  Korea

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Kihaku Tomato Day Facial Cream SPF30 is designed to nourish the skin, making it radiant and full of vitamins. You can use it as a makeup base. Has protection from the sun SPF30, protects the skin from sun damage, prevents photoaging of the skin, the manifestation of age spots on the face. The cream regulates oily skin, eliminates oily shine and drops of sweat, for half a day guarantees the skin matte and silky. Acts as a fixative for makeup, which can also be applied under the tonal framework so that it does not flow. It lies evenly on the skin, does not clog the pores and allows the cells to breathe, it does not cause black spots and allergic reactions, and is suitable for any skin type.

Kihaku Facial Night Cream is designed to moisturize the skin. The cream fills the skin with invigorating moisture and makes it smooth and taut, stimulates the process of restoring dead skin cells and blood flow to the skin. It contains natural vitamins and microelements saturating the skin with them, closes the open pores, hides facial wrinkles. The cream actively adsorbs the skin, cleanses it from dirt, acne and rashes, regulates the acid-water balance, fights bacteria and improves metabolism.

Ingredients of Kihaku Tomato White & Clear Day & Night Facial Cream SPF30:

The active ingredients used in the development of these creams include:

Tomato extract – a source of vitamins, trace elements and various beneficial substances, such as lycopene. Cosmetics with the addition of ripe tomatoes – a simple and pleasant way to quickly restore the skin after stress, eliminate age spots, gently lighten the overall tone, get rid of wrinkles, sagging and acne, normalize metabolic processes, neutralize the damage caused by UV rays and free radicals.

Collagen nourishes the skin, helps strengthen the skin and reduce wrinkles, evens out its relief, normalizes water balance.

Hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin, prevents skin drying out and keeps skin soft and supple.

Aloe Vera helps to smooth wrinkles, and makes the skin more youthful and healthy. Aloe Vera extract is a rich source of vitamin E – one of the most important substances for healthy skin.

Suggested use:

Apply the cream is recommended every day (morning / evening) on clean, dry skin of the face. Gently massage the skin until completely absorbed.