BANNA, Sleep Balm Lavender 30 gr.


Brand name BANNA™
Name product Balms
Volume / Weight 30 gram
Shipping Weight 150 gram
Сountry Thailand

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Lavender sleep balm from Thailand is designed to relieve nervous tension and facilitate falling asleep. Natural Thai balm helps to overcome insomnia and relax. Natural aromas have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, make sleep sound and healthy.


A blend of essential oils (lavender, rosemary, bergamot), refined beeswax.

Active components:

Lavender essential oil is famous for its relaxing properties. The aroma of lavender conquers depression and despondency, eliminates muscle and psychological stress, lowers blood pressure. Since ancient times, it is used to normalize the process of falling asleep and the quality of sleep, eliminates unpleasant nightmare dreams.
Rosemary essential oil has a grassy aroma with a touch of camphor. This aroma is actively used in aromatherapy to harmonize the psycho-emotional state. Helps relieve irritability and nervousness, soothes, improves mental clarity and concentration, soothes.
Bergamot essential oil reduces anxiety and anxiety. The aroma of bergamot heals the depression and sleep disorders caused by it.

Balm will envelop you with a pleasant bliss, stop the fuss of thoughts, relieve you from emotional and physical stress.

The use of Banna lavender sleep balm (externally only):

The balm has a wax base and is easily applied to active points that contribute to the relaxation and inhalation of the aroma of essential oils.
Before you go to bed, take a few minutes to apply a little balm to the bridge of the nose, the area above the upper lip, temples, neck and wrist in the area of the pulse.


Allergy to the components of the drug, hypotension.

Important! During the use of Thai lavender sleep balm for insomnia, it is forbidden to take medication sleeping pills.