BABY BRIGHT, Lip gloss with snail mucus 10 ml.

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Brand name BABY BRIGHT™
Name product Balms
Volume / Weight 10 ml
Shipping Weight 40 gram
Сountry Korea

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Glitter from BABY BRIGHT™ allows you to fill your lips with brightness, give them a seductive moist shine and light volume, also provides deep nourishment and hydration. Glitter provides reliable protection against external factors causing aging of thin skin, its damage and drying. A wide range, represented by the most popular shades, will please both lovers of bright make-up and fans of neutral, more natural images.
The composition of each shine includes snail mucus, which has powerful protective, regenerating, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and leveling effects. The component retains the water necessary for skin health and youth in the cells, quickly copes with wounds, cracks and backs, levels the relief, gives elasticity, gradually restores the natural brightness of tone, softness, smoothness and softness, smoothes wrinkles.
The product looks great on the lips, has a pleasant aroma and texture that ensures the stability of the makeup. The brush applicator allows you to evenly and quickly apply the agent to the skin, quickly update the layer literally “on the move” in order to once again conquer those around you with a charming smile!
Mode of application:
Apply to clean, dry skin of the lips.