BEELLE, Yellow Balm Mho Shee Wok

Brand name BEELLE™
Name product Balms
Volume 50 / 100 / 200 ml
Shipping Weight 130 / 200/ 370 gram
Сountry Thailand

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The first Thai balsams were made at the dawn of the formation of Thai boxing Muay Thai and other martial arts in Thailand for the treatment of injuries among fighters. Their compositions were kept in the strictest confidence and were developed by Buddhist monks in monasteries of Thailand for many centuries.
Currently, there are about 100 components in the composition of each balsam, the color of the balsam indicates the spectrum of its action. The full composition of balms has not been studied until now, because Some of their components are of endemic origin, i.e. some plants grow only in the west of Thailand, on the Burmese border. There are no analogues to Thai balms anywhere in the world.
In many countries, they are officially recommended by doctors for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
Its full composition is little known, is not widely publicized and is a commercial secret of manufacturers.
One thing is clear – it is composed of many herbs and roots (mint, ginger, turmeric … only about 100 items) and several varieties of natural vegetable oils, including camphor, essential, eucalyptus, thyme.
High therapeutic effect is provided by heat-treated vegetable components and oils of cold first pressing.
Yellow Balsam has a very wide therapeutic spectrum of action and one of them has a high warming effect. Yellow balsam has an average warming effect. The strongest warming effect on black and red balsams.
Effect on body massage:
blood circulation increases;
warm up the muscles.
Indications for use:
To apply with a thin layer on the sore points requiring warming up and to massage at:

  • radiculitis
  • injuries and fractures
  • hematomas
  • joint pain
  • itching from insect bites
  • skin allergies
  • convulsions

Apply to the skin and make injections with balsam with:
headaches (smear temporal area)
runny nose
With colds and runny nose, the balm is applied to the outer parts of the wings of the nose and is well rubbed.
The action of the balm comes quickly enough – within 5 – 15 minutes after application
When applied to the skin, a slight pleasant burning sensation and warmth is felt.