JINDA, Herbal Hair Tonic Spray for hair growth and hairloss prevention with herbs 120 ml.

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  •  Serum
  •  120 ml
  •  150 gram
  •  Thailand

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Description of tonic spray by Jinda

Jinda Serum Herbal Hair Tonic Spray based on a natural herbal multi-formula to enhance hair growth, to solve the problem of hair loss from the famous Thai brand Jinda, which has become popular for its natural herbal hair treatments.

For Chronic Hair Loss or thinning hair. This nourishing hair root and scalp tonic is another development using selected natural extracts such as Ginseng , Butterfly Pea, Gotu Kola, Vitamin A, C and E to strengthen roots to protect the scalp from dandruff and fungus. It also stimulates new hair growth and conditions the hair shaft, making it stronger, shinier and more resistant to thinning.

The patented formula of Jinda Serum includes Litseia Gummy Extract and Blue Tea, the serum will effectively help solve the following hair problems:

– effectively combats hair loss by strengthening the roots

– nourishes and moisturizes the scalp, preventing dandruff and itching

– stimulates the growth of new hair

– restores the structure of the hair, making it denser and stronger

– improves blood microcirculation in the hair follicles

– prevents the appearance of gray hair

Ingredients of Jinda spray:

  • Litsey sticky, rice milk, vitamin B5.
  • Adhesive Litsea, Latin name Litsea Glutinosa or baimisod – Bai Mee Sod – herb, the main extract in shampoo. It has antibacterial, soothing and emollient properties.
  • Rice milk nourishes, moisturizes, soothes and softens the skin and hair. Stimulates blood circulation in the hair roots. Regulates sebum secretion, protects the scalp. Promotes the treatment and restoration of the structure of the trunks of damaged hair.
  • Vitamin B5 (the second name pantothenic acid) speeds up the metabolism and nourishes the hair follicles.

Application of herbal serum Jinda: 

After shampooing, apply the serum to slightly towel-dried hair and dry as usual. The bottle is equipped with a convenient dispenser. Does not contain chemical additives and dyes.

Herbal medicated JINDA Serum-Spray in combination with shampoo and conditioner Jinda stops hair loss, strengthens the root, stimulates the growth of new hair, eliminates dandruff and fungus.