Herbal balls for cough and sore throat


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Medicines based on the Phyllanthus emblica plant, including Ma Khaam Poom Cough Dragee, are actively used to treat throat diseases in Asia. The combination of the active components of the plant eliminates dryness in the throat, improves the process of expectoration of sputum. Due to the ability to soften the throat with acute respiratory infections, flu, SARS relieves pain during coughing.
Fruit extract Phyllanthus emblica (Phyllanthus Emblica), licorice extract, Thai nightshade extract (Solanum trilobatum).
Application in traditional medicine: Phyllanthus Emblica fruits contain a large amount of vitamin C, carotenoids, tannins, organic acids, bioflavonoids, tannins, pectin, gallic acid. Emblican A and B are among the active components of fruit extract.
Emblica – the most famous medicinal plant used in Ayurvedic practice, is a herb of youth and longevity. It has a tonic, cleansing, anti-aging effect on all systems. In addition to therapeutic use, it is widely used in cosmetology. From ancient times, the emblica was used as an antipyretic agent for fever, colds. In Ayurvedic practice, it is a powerful anti-aging and cleansing drug, one of the most famous herbs for treating the liver and cleansing the body. The tannins that are part of Phyllanthus Emblica are well characterized – emblican A, emblican B. These substances have pronounced antioxidant activity. They act on several key stages in the reaction of oxidative stress, preventing the harmful effects of free radicals on the cells of the body. Amalaki fruit extract is part of the well-known cough medicines, syrups used for bronchitis. In medicine, complex hepatoprotective preparations with emblica extract are used that protect and restore liver cells.
Formula No.2 differs from formula No.1 in taste with a more pronounced acidity.
Dry throat, dry cough, accumulation of sputum, bronchitis.
Mode of application:
With coughing and discomfort in the throat, dissolve one or two dragees in the mouth. Repeat as necessary.
Contraindications and side effects:
Individual intolerance to the components of the product. It has a mild laxative effect.
Terms and conditions of storage:
Store at room temperature. Shelf life of closed packaging is 2 years from the date of issue.

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