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Kee Kasai (Khi Lek), Relieving stress, improving sleep, general strengthening of the nervous system. Stressful everyday life and stressful situations do not always allow you to completely relax. One of the most popular medicinal plants growing exclusively in Thailand. With it, you can permanently get rid of feelings of anxiety, fear and overstrain.

Active trace elements of this plant, namely tranquilizers of natural origin, not only have a general sedative and hypnotic effect on the body, but also completely strengthen it.

Indications for use:

  • relieve brain fatigue
  • relieve irritability
  • normalize sleep
  • relieve eye strain.

With regular use of capsules from Siamese cassia, you can forget about the dark circles under the eyes and always look cheerful and attractive.

Composition: Cassia Siamese.

Mode of application:

It is necessary to take 2 pieces no more than three times a day after the end of a meal.


It is undesirable to take alcohol when taking the drug. It is not allowed to use together with synthetic antidepressants, it is contraindicated in alcoholism and drug addiction.

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