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Blackmores Exec B'S

Product information

For people who lack vitamin B, C and minerals, magnesium, zinc.

Nourishes the nervous system

Use in people who are exhausted and recovered.


Blackmores Exec B’s contains a variety of B vitamins, along with vitamin C and minerals, including potassium, magnesium and zinc, all of which are related to the body’s functioning. And nervous system

For people who lack B vitamins, vitamin C and minerals, magnesium, zinc,

nourish the nervous system.

Use in people who are tired and recover

How to use

Eat with food for adults, 1 tablet per day,

children 6-12 years as advised by doctor or pharmacist.

Key ingredient

In 1 tablet contains

Vitamin c 180 mg Ascorbic acid (300% US RDA)

Vitamin B3 60 mg Nicotinamide (300% US RDA)

Vitamin B6 10 mg Pyridoxine (500% US RDA)

Vitamin B2 8.5 mg Riboflavin (500% US RDA)

Vitamin B1 7.5 mg Thiamine (500% US RDA)

Biotin 50 mcg (17% US RDA)

Vitamin B5 20 mg

Pantothenic acid (200% US RDA)

Folic acid 200 mcg (50% US RDA)

Potassium 75 mg from potassium sulfate (2% US RDA)

Magnesium 175 mg from magnesium phosphate (44% US RDA)

Vitamin B12 10 mcg Cyanocobalamin (167% US RDA)

Zinc 15 mg from zinc sulfate (100% US RDA)

Available size

60 tablets / 120 tablets


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