Be-Fit Green Tea + Pepper Slimming Capsules 60 сapsules.


Brand name BE-FIT™
Name product Capsules
Shipping Weight 70 gram
Quantity 60 Capsules
Сountry Thailand

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To lose weight it is not always necessary to work out in the gym and deny yourself all the pleasures. Bi-Fit capsules with green tea and black Thai pepper are an environmentally friendly product that promotes weight loss. It is also worth noting that this drug has a positive effect on digestion, helps to reduce cholesterol levels and contributes to the suppression of appetite.
Ingredients: green tea, black pepper (Thailand), garcinia.
Application: 2 pcs. 2 times a day during the meal. Monthly course requires 120 capsules, so you need to buy 2 packs of 60 pieces each.
Attention! It is not a drug.

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